Delightful process with 6 steps to produce high quality square cinnamon

Delightful process with 6 steps to produce high quality square cinnamon

In the realm of spices, cinnamon stands as a timeless emblem of flavor and fragrance, cherished across cultures for centuries. Yet, there’s a lesser-known variant that embodies not just the essence of cinnamon but also the artistry of its production – square cinnamon. Embark with us on a captivating journey as we unveil the meticulous process behind the creation of square cinnamon.

Delightful process with 6 steps to produce high quality square cinnamon

  1. Collecting Materials:

The journey commences in the lush cinnamon forests of Vietnam, where skilled harvesters navigate through dense foliage to handpick the finest cinnamon barks. These barks, sourced from mature Cinnamomum verum trees, aged over four years, are distinguished by their delicate texture and rich aroma. Harvesting only from trees older than four years ensures that the cinnamon bark has reached optimal maturity, enhancing its flavor and aroma profile.

  1. Splitting Cinnamon:

Once harvested, the cinnamon bark undergoes meticulous preparation for processing. Initially, the bark is cut into large segments to facilitate handling. Subsequently, these segments are skillfully split into strips with a standardized width of approximately 3 centimeters. This precise splitting process ensures uniformity in size, enabling consistent processing and packaging of the cinnamon squares. Following this, the strips are further cut into individual squares, maintaining uniform dimensions throughout the batch.

  1. Drying Process:

After being split into squares, the cinnamon bark enters a crucial drying phase. This step is essential for reducing moisture content to an optimal level, thereby preserving the bark’s flavor and extending its shelf life. The drying process can take place either under the natural sunlight, harnessing the warm tropical climate of Vietnam, or within carefully controlled drying rooms equipped with ventilation systems. Regardless of the method employed, stringent monitoring ensures that the cinnamon squares are dried to perfection, ready for the next stage of processing.

  1. Impurity Removal:

Once dried, the cinnamon squares undergo meticulous quality control measures to ensure purity and consistency. Initially, the squares are subjected to a polishing process, aimed at brightening the surface and enhancing their visual appeal. Following this, the polished squares undergo sieving, where any remaining impurities or irregularities are meticulously removed. This stringent selection process guarantees that only the highest quality cinnamon squares proceed to the next stage of production, upholding the standards of excellence synonymous with Vietnamese cinnamon.

  1. Packing Goods:

With quality assurance upheld, the cinnamon squares are ready for packaging according to customer requirements. This stage involves careful consideration of various factors, including packaging material, labeling specifications, and quantity per package. Each package is meticulously labeled with essential information, such as origin, grade, and expiration date, ensuring transparency and traceability for consumers. Additionally, special packaging options, such as vacuum sealing or moisture-resistant packaging, may be offered to preserve the freshness and aroma of the cinnamon squares during storage and transportation.

  1. Checking Goods:

Before final distribution, a comprehensive quality inspection is conducted to verify the integrity of the cinnamon squares. This involves randomly selecting boxes from each batch and performing rigorous inspections to assess visual appearance, aroma, and taste profile. Any deviations from the desired quality parameters are promptly addressed, reaffirming the commitment to delivering premium-grade cinnamon products. Additionally, a representative sample from each batch is retained for further quality control purposes, ensuring ongoing compliance with industry standards and customer expectations.


In conclusion, the journey of crafting square cinnamon is not merely a process; it’s a testament to the dedication, skill, and reverence for tradition that define the art of spice production. From the verdant cinnamon forests to the hands of skilled artisans, every step in this journey reflects a commitment to excellence and a celebration of the sensory delights that cinnamon embodies.

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