Production process Coconut: 9 steps

Production process Coconut: 9 steps

Step 1:

After harvesting, coconuts are transferred to the processing area


Step 2.

Green coconuts are classified and quality managed according to process. All input materials can be traced back to their origin and quality records are based on batch numbers.

Step 3.

Peel the green coconut and shape it into a diamond shape,… with a knife. Peeling off the green peel can remove soil and reduce microorganisms from the farm.

 Step 4.

The finished product has a flat bottom, round body with a pointed top trimmed with a knife. Peeling off the white peel helps remove soil and reduce remaining microbial residue.

Step 5.

To prevent browning on the trimmed shell, the coconut is soaked in a solution.

Step 6.

Then, the coconuts are transported from the quality inspection room to the packaging room. The drying, quality control and packaging areas are all closed rooms. The rooms have yellow PVC curtain strips at the door and an insect control system (insect trap), to prevent reinfestation of disease-causing insects. Equipment and coconut containers are cleaned according to the cleaning program. Workers must wear protective clothing, including footwear, and wash their hands before entering the quality control room and packaging room, to prevent insect damage and infection during manual labor.

Step 7.

Packaging with food wrap and branded labeling. For quality control, all coconuts are inspected to ensure there is no recurring pest infestation and infection.

Step 8.

Finished products are inspected and transferred to temperature-controlled refrigerated containers, and the container is inspected before exporting to consumers.

Step 9.

Check chemicals and microorganisms in coconut water and coconut meat such as agricultural chemicals, heavy metals, coliform bacteria and salmonella SPP. Test with standard laboratories at least once a year.

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