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Size: 0.7-1.1kg/nuts
Brix: 7% min
Shelf life: 40-50 days
Packing: 9 nuts/carton
Loading: 2187 cartons/40RF

Diamond Shape Coconut

Discover the unique and refreshing taste of our Diamond Shape Coconuts from Ben Tre, Vietnam. Known for their distinctive diamond shape and superior quality, these coconuts are meticulously selected and crafted to provide the best coconut experience.

Diamond Shape Coconut

Diamond Coconut – Dừa Gọt Kim Cương

Diamond Coconut, also known as Dừa Kim Cương, is a special and premium product, renowned for its superior quality and high nutritional value. These coconuts are meticulously peeled and processed, providing users with an exceptional experience in taste and freshness.

Freshly Peeled Diamond Coconuts in Bến Tre

Diamond Shape Coconut

Bến Tre, one of the most famous coconut-growing regions in Vietnam, is where the exquisite Diamond Coconuts are produced. With its tropical climate and fertile alluvial soil, Bến Tre coconuts always have the best quality, especially the Diamond Coconut line. Here, artisans use diamond peeling techniques to create coconuts that are not only delicious but also visually appealing.

Advantages of Diamond Coconut

Diamond Coconut boasts many outstanding advantages:

  • Superior Quality: Thanks to a meticulous care and selection process, Diamond Coconut always ensures sweetness, coolness, and purity.
  • High Nutrition: Coconuts contain many vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, which are very beneficial for health.
  • Unique Flavor: Diamond Coconut has a light sweetness and a distinctive aroma, different from regular coconuts.
  • High Aesthetic: With meticulous peeling techniques, Diamond Coconut has an attractive appearance, suitable for parties or as gifts.

How to Use Diamond Coconut

To fully enjoy the flavor and nutritional value of Diamond Coconut, you can use it in the following ways:

  1. Drink Directly:

    After opening the lid, you can immediately enjoy the cool, delicious coconut water.

  2. Culinary Use:

    Coconut water and flesh can be used in cooking, adding a unique flavor to dishes such as braised chicken, coconut hot pot, or desserts like chè and coconut ice cream.

  3. Beauty Uses:

    Coconut water and oil can be used as ingredients in natural beauty recipes, helping to moisturize and brighten the skin.

How to Identify High-Quality Diamond Coconut

To identify high-quality Diamond Coconut, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Appearance:

    • The coconut should have a bright color without dark spots or cracks.
    • The shell should be smooth without signs of insect or mold attack.
    • The shell feels firm and solid when touched.
  2. Weight:

    • The coconut should be heavy, indicating it contains a lot of water inside.
    • It should feel solid and not hollow when held.
  3. Flavor:

    • The coconut water should be sweet and light, without a sour or strange taste.
    • The natural aroma should be distinctive, without any foul or chemical smells.
    • The coconut flesh should be thick, soft, and moderately chewy, with a rich and distinctive coconut flavor.
  4. Sound:

    • When tapping the coconut shell lightly, you should hear a dull sound, indicating the coconut is fresh and contains a lot of water.

By carefully checking these characteristics, you can easily select high-quality Diamond Coconuts, ensuring the best taste and nutritional value.

How to Store Diamond Coconut

To keep Diamond Coconut fresh, follow these storage tips:

  • Temperature: Store coconuts at a cool temperature, preferably in the refrigerator.
  • Time: Consume the coconuts within 3-5 days after purchase to ensure freshness.
  • Packaging: If not used immediately, cover or wrap the coconut tightly to avoid exposure to air, preventing it from losing moisture and maintaining its flavor.

Related Products

  • Dry Coconuts with Shell and Peeled Dry Coconuts (with color): In addition to Diamond Coconuts, Bến Tre is also famous for its dried coconut products, including dry coconuts with shell and peeled dry coconuts (with color). These are naturally dried coconuts, retaining their flavor and nutritional value, suitable for snacks or cooking.
  • Sweet Coconut with Edible Shell – Rare Specialty from Bến Tre: Another special product from Bến Tre is the sweet coconut with an edible shell. This rare type of coconut has a rich sweetness and a soft shell that can be eaten directly or used in desserts.
  • Tam Quan Coconut – Best Quality in the Market: Tam Quan Coconut, another famous type, is known for its best quality in the market. With a light sweetness and distinctive aroma, Tam Quan Coconut is a top choice for coconut lovers.
  • Dwarf Siamese Coconut – Sweet Water from Bến Tre: Dwarf Siamese Coconut from Bến Tre is renowned for its rich sweetness and cool coconut water. This popular type of coconut is widely preferred and used daily.

Diamond Coconut and related products from Bến Tre not only provide high nutritional value but also represent the pride of local people, helping to promote the image and quality of Vietnamese agricultural products to the world.

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Packing and Loading Coconut
Packing and Loading Coconut at Tinimex Factory

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Our factory:

+ Yen Bai factory: Mau A Town, Văn Yen Dist., Yen Bai Province, Vietnam

+ Ben Tre Factory: Hamlet 2, Son Phu Commune, Giong Trom District, Ben Tre Province

Hanoi Head Office:

4th Flr., 40 Ngo Gia Tu Str., Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Dist., Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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All our Factories strictly control the system by ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, FDA.


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