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Size: 0.9-1.3kg/nuts
Brix: 7% min
Age: 9 month
Packing: 9 nuts/carton
Loading: 1728 cartons/40RF; 808 cartons/20RF
Min order: 1 cont 20ft

Green Husked Coconut

Green Husked Coconut

Product Description

Green Husked Coconut is a type of coconut that is peeled at both ends, leaving a thin outer layer, often used for making beverages or cooking. This coconut has an attractive appearance, is easy to open, and convenient for consumers.

Difference between Xiem Green Husked Coconut and Regular Coconut

Green Husked Coconut and regular coconut mainly differ in size, water content, sweetness, and usage purposes. Xiem Green Husked Coconut is usually smaller, has a thinner shell, sweeter, and more fragrant water, often used for drinking. In contrast, regular coconuts are larger, have thicker shells, less sweet water, and are typically used in cooking.

Information about Green Husked Coconut

Green Husked Coconut products are usually carefully selected from the finest fresh Green Husked Coconuts. After peeling at both ends, the coconuts are packaged and preserved carefully to retain their flavor and freshness. This product is not only convenient but also ensures food safety and hygiene.

Nutritional Value of Coconut

Green Husked Coconut Nutritions

Coconut is a rich source of nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Coconut water is low in calories, fat-free, and contains many antioxidants, helping to boost the immune system and provide quick energy.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

  • Rehydrates and replenishes electrolytes: Coconut water contains many natural electrolytes, effectively replenishing fluids after exercise.
  • Boosts the immune system: Due to its high vitamin and mineral content, coconut water helps improve immunity.
  • Aids digestion: Natural enzymes in coconut water help improve digestive function.
  • Enhances skin beauty: Coconut water has moisturizing properties and can make the skin smooth.

Delicious Dishes Made from Green Husked Coconut

Green Husked Coconut can be used in many delicious and appealing dishes such as:

  • Coconut Smoothie: Combine coconut with other fruits to create a nutritious drink.
  • Coconut Jelly: Mix coconut water with jelly to create a cool, refreshing dessert.
  • Dishes from coconut meat: Coconut meat can be used in various dishes like coconut curry, coconut cake, and coconut sweet soup.

Tips for Choosing Quality Green Husked Coconut

To choose quality Green Husked Coconut, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

Check Color and Shape

  • Color: The coconut should have a fresh, uniform green color. Avoid those with pale green or yellowish signs, as they may be spoiled or not fresh.
  • Shape: The coconut should have a round, even shape, without being deformed or dented. An even shape ensures the quality of the water and coconut meat inside.

Listen to the Sound

  • How to do it: When buying coconut, hold the coconut and shake it gently.
  • Sound: If you hear a lot of water sloshing inside, it is a sign of a fresh, water-filled coconut. If the sound is minimal or unclear, the coconut may be dried out or not fresh.

Check the Coconut Shell

  • Hardness: The shell should be hard and firm. Press lightly on the shell to check its hardness; if the shell is soft or has cracks, the coconut may be spoiled.
  • Surface of the shell: The surface of the coconut shell should be smooth, without cracks, holes, or signs of pests. Coconuts with uneven surfaces, spots, or stains often do not meet good quality standards.


  • Smell: Fresh coconut usually has a light, characteristic fragrance. If you smell sour or strange odors, the coconut may be spoiled.


  • Heavy feeling: The coconut should feel heavy when held, especially relative to its size. Light coconuts may be dried out or not fresh


  • Origin: Choose coconuts with a clear origin from reputable suppliers. Coconuts from well-known regions like Ben Tre and Tien Giang often have better quality.

Harvest Time

  • Season: Coconuts harvested in the right season usually have better quality because they grow under favorable natural conditions.

By paying attention to these factors, you can choose quality Green Husked Coconuts, ensuring freshness and high nutritional value.

How to Store Green Husked Coconut to Keep it Fresh

To keep Green Husked Coconut fresh, you should:

  • Store in the refrigerator: Keep the coconut in the fridge at around 4-6°C.
  • Use within 3-5 days: Coconut is freshest when used within this period.
  • Seal after opening: If not using all at once, seal tightly and store in the fridge.

Current Market Price of Green Husked Coconut

The price of Green Husked Coconut on the market today can vary based on several factors such as size, quality, season, and supplier. Specifically:

Price Range

  • Average price: The price of Green Husked Coconut usually ranges from 20,000 to 40,000 VND each.
  • Small coconuts: Smaller coconuts with less water content typically cost from 20,000 to 25,000 VND.
  • Large coconuts: Larger coconuts with more water and thick coconut meat usually cost from 30,000 to 40,000 VND.

Factors Affecting Price

Size and quality:

  • Size: Larger coconuts with more water and thicker meat usually have higher prices due to their higher nutritional value and water content.
  • Quality: High-quality, sweet, and fragrant Green Husked Coconuts will have higher prices compared to regular coconuts.


  • Coconut season: During the coconut season (usually in summer), prices are generally lower due to abundant supply.
  • Off-season: Prices may increase outside the coconut season due to scarcity.


  • Growing region: Coconuts from well-known regions like Ben Tre and Tien Giang usually have higher prices due to their quality and reputation.
  • Supplier: Buying from large, reputable suppliers often ensures quality but may come at a higher price compared to buying directly from farmers.

Transportation and storage costs:

  • Transportation: The cost of transporting coconuts from the growing area to the retail point also affects the retail price. Coconuts transported over longer distances usually have higher prices.
  • Storage: Green Husked Coconuts require strict storage processes to maintain freshness, so storage costs also contribute to higher prices.

Where to Buy Quality Green Husked Coconut

To buy quality Green Husked Coconuts, you should look for reputable and reliable addresses. Here are detailed suggestions on where you can buy quality coconuts:

Major Supermarkets

Large supermarkets are often places that provide quality Green Husked Coconuts, ensuring food safety and hygiene. Some reputable supermarkets include:

  • Co.opmart: This supermarket chain is nationwide, offering Green Husked Coconuts with clear origins and strict preservation processes.
  • Big C: As one of the major supermarket chains, Big C offers a variety of fresh products, including quality-assured Green Husked Coconuts.
  • Lotte Mart: This Korean supermarket is not only known for its imported products but also provides high-quality Vietnamese agricultural products, including Green Husked Coconuts

Coconut Specialty Stores

Stores specializing in coconut products often have many choices and ensure good quality coconuts. Some suggestions:

  • Ben Tre Specialty Stores: These stores often offer famous Ben Tre Green Husked Coconuts known for their high quality, sweetness, and fragrance.
  • Agricultural Product Stores: Stores specializing in clean agricultural products often have fresh, hygienic, and high-quality coconuts.

Online Shopping Platforms

Buying coconuts online is also a convenient and quick option. You can find Green Husked Coconuts from reputable online shopping platforms:

  • Shopee: This is one of the largest online shopping platforms in Vietnam, with many different suppliers, making it easy to find quality Green Husked Coconuts.
  • Lazada: Like Shopee, Lazada offers a variety of products and often has promotional programs, helping you buy coconuts at a preferential price.
  • Tiki: With fast delivery policies and guaranteed product quality, Tiki is a place where you can confidently buy Green Husked Coconuts.

Notes When Buying Coconuts Online

  • Check reviews: Before buying, read reviews and comments from previous customers to ensure the supplier is reliable.
  • Return policy: Choose suppliers with clear return policies in case the product does not meet quality standards.
  • Check origin: Make sure the product has a clear origin, stated on the product information page.
  • Choose reputable suppliers: Prefer suppliers with established reputations and many good customer reviews.
  • Compare prices: Compare prices among different suppliers to ensure you buy the product at a reasonable price.
  • Check the product: Upon receiving the product, check thoroughly to ensure the coconut is fresh, not cracked or damaged.

By choosing to buy coconuts from reputable addresses as mentioned above, you can be assured of the quality and safety of the product while enjoying the nutritional benefits that Green Husked Coconut offers.

Benefits of Buying Green Husked Coconuts at Tinimex

Green Husked Coconut At Tinimex


Tinimex is one of the reputable addresses providing high-quality coconut products in Vietnam. When you buy Green Husked Coconuts at Tinimex, you will enjoy many significant benefits as follows:

Guaranteed Quality

Careful Selection: Coconuts at Tinimex are selected from the best coconut gardens, ensuring each coconut meets standards of freshness and nutritional content.
Strict Preservation Process: Tinimex applies modern preservation processes to keep the coconuts always fresh and prevent spoilage during transportation and storage.
Quality Inspection: Every coconut is thoroughly inspected before reaching customers, ensuring no preservatives or harmful chemicals are present.

Reasonable Prices

Competitive Prices: Tinimex always offers competitive prices, suitable for the market and consumers’ budgets. You can buy high-quality coconuts at reasonable prices.
Clear Pricing Policy: Prices at Tinimex are clearly and transparently listed, with no unreasonable price hikes, giving customers peace of mind when shopping.
Promotions and Discounts: Tinimex frequently has promotional programs and discounts, especially for loyal customers and bulk purchases.

Excellent Service

Professional Staff: Staff at Tinimex are well-trained, knowledgeable about the products, and always ready to advise and answer all customer inquiries.
Dedication: The dedication of the staff is reflected in their attentive and friendly service, always prioritizing the interests of the customers.
Fast Delivery: Tinimex offers quick and punctual delivery services, ensuring the coconuts always reach customers in the freshest condition.
After-Sales Care: Tinimex always cares about customer feedback after purchasing products, ready to resolve any arising issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

Clear Origin Information

Traceability: Tinimex provides clear information about the origin of each batch of coconuts, ensuring customers about the quality and food safety.
Quality Commitment: Tinimex commits that all products meet high-quality standards, without using harmful chemicals in the cultivation and preservation process.

Product Variety

Various Types of Coconuts: Tinimex offers various types of coconuts such as Siamese coconuts,semi polised coconuts, red coconuts, easy open coconuts, etc., meeting diverse customer needs.
Coconut Products: Besides whole coconuts, Tinimex also provides processed coconut products such as coconut oil and dried coconut meat, giving customers more options.
When you buy Green Husked Coconuts at Tinimex, you not only receive high-quality products but also experience the best customer service, with reasonable prices and many additional benefits. Tinimex always strives to bring satisfaction and trust to customers through each product and service.

Location: No.40 Ngo Gia Tu Str., Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Dist, Ha Noi City, Vietnam
Contact: +84 366 808 683
Fanpage: Tinimex

Green Husked Coconut At Tinimex Green Husked Coconut Nutritions Green Husked Coconut Green Husked Coconut At Tinimex

Tinimex was established in 2020 specializing in manufacturing and exporting agricultural products such as:

Spices: Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cardamon, Black pepper, Ginger, Turmeric,…

Fruit with: Fresh fruit: Dragon fruit, Lime, Fresh Coconut,….

Dried fruit: Desiccate Coconut, Dried Mango, Dried Banana, Dried Jackfruit,…

Tinimex’s responsibility, in addition to the main products at the factory, we will also constantly search for new agricultural products from the growing areas or farmers, collect, produce and pack at the factory to meet the needs of customers as well as the market.

We have a head office in Hanoi and two manufacturing plants in Yen Bai Province manufacture Spices and Ben Tre Province manufacture Dried Fruit and Fresh fruit

+ Hanoi Head Office: 4th Flr., 40 Ngo Gia Tu Str., Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Dist., Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

Our factory:

+ Yen Bai factory: Mau A Town, Văn Yen Dist., Yen Bai Province, Vietnam

+ Ben Tre Factory: Hamlet 2, Son Phu Commune, Giong Trom District, Ben Tre Province

All our Factories strictly control the system by ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, FDA.

Our factory:

+ Yen Bai factory: Mau A Town, Văn Yen Dist., Yen Bai Province, Vietnam

+ Ben Tre Factory: Hamlet 2, Son Phu Commune, Giong Trom District, Ben Tre Province

Hanoi Head Office:

4th Flr., 40 Ngo Gia Tu Str., Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Dist., Ha Noi, Viet Nam

(+84) 366 808 683

All our Factories strictly control the system by ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, FDA.


Throughout the production process, every stage is tightly controlled, from sourcing raw materials to processing, with absolutely no use of harmful chemicals, preservatives, or artificial colors and flavors. Our focus is on achieving internationally recognized standards. Betrimex's products have obtained various international certifications, including ORGANIC (USDA, EU), BRC, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER, BSCI, FSSC 22000.

Our products are currently available in over 20 countries worldwide.